The Coworking Handbook: Learn How To Open and Run a Successful Coworking Space (PDF)

Ramon Suarez
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Learn how to succeed in managing your coworking space: everything about opening, operating and growing a successful coworking space

Includes 2019 updates PDF!

The main hurdle to coworking business success is lack of knowledge and experience. They make the task seem too hard and increase the chances of failure. Take advantage of my experience to increase your chances of success and make your life easier.

Launching a new business is a challenge and goes beyond making a coworking space business plan. Make your life easy by learning from the experience of a successful coworking operator and international speaker.

All the key aspects are explained: marketing and sales, community, finance, space and legal. Go beyond coworking statistics. This coworking book includes templates and thinking aids to make your life easier (like a coworking business model canvas, coworking space allocation of available surface, questions to ask landlords, etc.)

This 204 page long book covers everything you need to know about opening, operating and growing a successful coworking space.

Learn from my errors and from my hits, and from those of other successful coworking space owners to stay clear of the common pitfalls of this exciting new industry.

In “The Coworking Handbook: The Guide for Owners and Operators,” you’ll discover everything you need to know about opening, managing and growing a successful coworking space.

Avoid the common pitfalls of this exciting new industry and learn what really works around the world from experts and founders of the coworking movement.

You’ll learn:

  • How to facilitate member connection and address member issues
  • Why building a community first matters
  • How to handle sticky financial situations
  • How to design, orient and position your space in the community
  • The most important areas of a coworking space (that many overlook)
  • How to work with journalists and get steady media attention
  • How to grow your coworking space into a profitable business

More than just a thinker’s guide, this handbook is full of actionable ideas, including bonus checklists, spreadsheets, links to online resources and more, helping you jump right into building your ideal space and thriving community.

You can now also book consulting time with Ramon Suarez to coach you on your coworking project. Just add it as an extra with your order for the book. 

Become a part of the movement that’s re-shaping our relationship with work into one that’s sustainable, creative and healthy—and learn how to make a profit along the way.

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